Alien Dolls

Handmade alien dolls, and alien hybrid dolls

To those dolls who went before

I was busy focusing on my one-of-a-kind, original
fabric alien doll design and construction.
Yes, I was creating original cloth and wire designs,
with many various along the way modifications,
and selfishly never considered “at what cost?”

Okay.  Now some of my handmade alien dolls are ready for their big reveal.
But this trial and error process was only made possible by
the original “crash test dummy” dolls who sacrificed themselves
through various test phases of construction,
helping me balancing substance and style.

These poor babes withstood a fair amount of punishment,
unspeakable mishaps, then removal of those body parts,
just to endure another test application, again.

I felt that those poor, sad gals should receive proper mention,
as they paved the way for all of my future alien dolls,
even if they will never see the light of day … or the internet.

One moment of silence, please.

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Introduce my Pink Hybrid Dolls

Meet PK-Babs.

She is an Alien / Human hybrid cloth doll.
Babs is original design and OOAK.
She is totally handcrafted, as poseable fiber art cloth alien doll,

for adults only.

She is complete with custom made clothing.

More photos and detailed information available at:
My current interest is designing and creating these dolls.
More than interest, passion really.

I have been working on small batches of various species,
some of which are now being displayed on,
and for sale at,
and also to be featured at

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New post

First post for new blog.

Probably last person on earth that is not familiar with WordPress.
Oh well, a small learning curve, and it should all work out.

I will be show casing my handmade alien dolls,
and just chatting in general about the process, progress, etc.

SadieJane and her Alien Dolls

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